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up to 500 sft

Rs 549


Rs 949

1000-1500 sft

Rs 1249

1500-2000 sft

Rs 1549

2000-2500 sft

Rs 2049

2500-3000 sft

Rs 2449

3000-3500 sft

Rs 2949

3500-4000 sft

Rs 3349


Rs 3749

4500-5000 sft

Rs 4249

5000-6500 sft

Rs 4949

6500-8000 sft

Rs 5649

8000-9500 sft

Rs 6749

9500-11000 sft

Rs 7549

We Provide Sanitization & Disinfection For Your House, Apartment, Office, Schools, Cars.

Book Now Your Service And Get Sanitized Your Place Within Minutes.

Sarvagya Facility Services offers a comprehensive expert disinfection and sanitizing service. Our expert disinfection and sanitization services are managed in a safe, compliant and effective manner. Our advanced microbial disinfection service helps in eliminating harmful bacterial and viruses including coronavirus.

Our hygiene And health epidemic experts are well – trained to maintain hygiene and use respiratory masks, personal protection Equiptment (P.P.E) and gears while disinfecting your home /office / hospitals . Being the leading home and institutional hygiene expert, we have taken necessary precautions and proactive steps to tackle the concerns around the spread of corona virus by following the Guidelines of W.H.O (World Health Organization)