Office Deep Cleaning Service In Hyderabad

office cleaning service

Sarvagya Facility Services  Has more than 4 years of office cleaning experience, working with multinational companies as well as smaller independent businesses.

Providing a clean office environment is a key component to a modern, effective organization. Cleanliness is of paramount importance to a company’s brand personal and client perception. It also has a major role to play for employee health and wellbeing and can directly influence productivity through the prevention of absences from work. Sarvagya Facility Services  is connected through all the corners of Hyderabad

Service Includes

-Cleaning of the cabins, chairs etc

-Cleaning of the electronic items like computers or desktops, keyboards, mouse etc

-Vacuuming and shampooing of the carpets

-Cleaning of the windows and panels

-Cleaning of the Pantry or cafeteria

-Cleaning of the washrooms.